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Bernard DacQuisto

Owner of the Palais Cabaret on Blood Alley, one of the tougher side streets in the red light district, and a veteran of the World War I, Bernard DacQuisto became a missionary at war’s end and was sent to China. Sincere in his efforts, Bernard couldn’t reconcile the dogma of his mission with his memories of the horrors of war and quit the church. He remained in China, eventually settling in Shanghai and taking over the Palais Cabaret Tavern.

Bernard has a fatalistic outlook. He believes that self-anesthetizing to escape the ugliness around him is the noblest task a man can undertake. Normally, Bernard is laid-back and unruffled. But when Benjamin Landau tries to forcibly escort Henry Montgomery from the Palais Cabaret, Bernard cracks an ax handle across the bar, exclaiming, “I’ll be goddamned if some limey son of a bitch tells me the law in my house.” Bernard’s favorite color is red and he likes to have sex with the lights on.

“Show me a sane man and I’ll pour him a drink that will cure him.”
— Bernard DacQuisto

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