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Degar Beauchamp  |  Lucy Chang  |  Huang Jingrong  |  Sinmay Zao  |  Cheng Fu-shi  |  Morris “Two Guns” Cohen
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Claude Gillette  |  Benjamin Landau  |  Zhang Xiaolin  |  Sir Percival Phillips  |  Bernard DacQuisto  |  Huiling


Jingwei Chang

One of the few Chinese who has risen to prominence in Shanghai, Jingwei Chang is one of the most powerful men in the city. He carries a pistol, and Morris Cohen chauffeurs him around in a bulletproof car.

A capitalist, Jingwei dresses in Western silk suits and wears his black hair combed back, seeming both haughty and yet at ease. Jingwei, who feels all foreigners are devils, does not trust Victor Sassoon, unlike most Chinese in Shanghai who do. He would rather do business with a man like Degar who admits he has no scruples than with someone who pretends to be ethical.

Jingwei has received permission from the police to mount machine guns on the roof of his house, and his affair with Simone Beauchamp produced a child, Lucy Chang.

“The secret to success is to bring the worst out in others.”
— Jingwei Chang

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