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Sir Ellice “Victor” Sassoon

Based on a historical person living in Shanghai at the time, Sir Ellice Sassoon, or “Victor” as he is known, is a member of the Sassoon banking family, associated with shipping opium to China since 1840. Founder of the Cathay Hotel on The Bund, where he has his office, Victor throws elaborate parties in the hotel’s ballroom, which overlooks the Whangpoo River. At one of these parties, he begins a celebrated affair with Mickie Burnett soon after she arrives in Shanghai.

A collected and confident businessman, he is often at odds with his rival, DEGAR BEAUCHAMP. When Mickie ends her romance with Victor, he begins an affair with Degar’s wife, SIMONE BEAUCHAMP, which will lead to his near demise at the end of Season 1. He survives but becomes desperate and unstable. During Season 2, he undergoes a series of transformative events, which include facilitating the resettlement of displaced European Jews and a conversion to Buddhism.

Victor is an avid photographer and a Sephardic Jew of Iraqi descent.

“There is only one race greater than the Jews, and that is the Derby.”
— Sir Victor Sassoon

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