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Henry Montgomery  |  Emily Hahn  |  Du Yuesheng  |  Jonathan Gates  |  Sir Ellice “Victor” Sassoon
Degar Beauchamp  |  Lucy Chang  |  Huang Jingrong  |  Sinmay Zao  |  Cheng Fu-shi  |  Morris “Two Guns” Cohen
Mikhail Petrokov  |  Jung Manchu  |  Fang Su-mei  |  Simone Beauchamp  |  Jingwei Chang  |  Svitlana Petrokov
Claude Gillette  |  Benjamin Landau  |  Zhang Xiaolin  |  Sir Percival Phillips  |  Bernard DacQuisto  |  Huiling


Simone is Degar Beauchamp’s wife, and Lucy Chang is her daughter from her affair with Jingwei Chang. The anti-heroine and femme fatale of the series, Simone is greedy and ambitious, and will use seduction and humiliation to get what she wants. She is a cheerfully amoral and opportunistic manipulator, snobbish, cunning, and sexually voracious. Simone is attracted to money and power.

She views money and relationships as commodities that need to be consumed while fresh, and feels a sense of relief and accomplishment at their disposal. Simone’s favorite food is oysters and she likes to be on top.

“Far better women than you have sworn to destroy me… Where are they now?”
— Simone Beauchamp

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